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Welcome to Hindsight Media!

This is the first of many blog posts devoted to family histories.  I introduce you to my plans for future posts.

Organize family photos and other memorabilia, part 1

We visit Woody Filley who has a whale of a problem with family photographs. Watch how he starts to tackle the issue.

2 Sisters Oral History

I record my own family in an early oral history project. I use this to demonstrate how to tell a story with simple tools and techniques.

Organizing family photos redux

We revisit Woody Filley to learn about his contraption for scanning his pictures.

Let's manage those photos on your phone!

Meet Porter Gifford.  He's a photographer who also helps people manage their photos.  Today we address the ridiculous numbers of photos most of us carry on our phones.  

More fun with photos on phones!

The second post with Porter Gifford giving advice on how to cope with those photos on your phone.

Movie magic from an obituary!

I took an old obituary from the New York Times and added photos, music and voice-over to animate the story of a unique individual.

Home made father/step father clip

I made a short film about my mother's two husbands.  Hopefully it will demonstrate to you that you can do something like this - and do it even better!

How I made last week's video.

An illustration of how I edited together last week's video of my mother's two husbands.

Just for Fun 1

A promotional video gone awry. Or - how to make lemonade out of lemons!

Just for Fun 2

The kids are older now, but no more cooperative.  It is what it is!

Audio lesson Part 1

An audio lesson encoded into a ridiculous story about a dog and a squirrel.

Audio Lesson Part 2

A follow-up audio lesson from last week. Beware of bad French accents!

Putnoi Family History Documentary

An intro to a documentary centered Don & Fran Putnoi and their fascinating family history.

Putnoi Family History Documentary. Transcripts - woo hoo!

It doesn't get more exciting than a discussion on using transcripts.  But watch it anyway - it's good for you!

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